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Intellect Accelerate is an award-winning leader in the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software industry, and offers the world’s fastest solution for building business apps.

As a no-coding, drag and drop business app development environment, the Intellect Accelerate Platform enables users to create business apps with forms, data, workflow, customizable reports, and integration. 

Create Business Apps 

  • Create, launch and manage an entire library of business apps ranging from simple to highly complex, mission-critical apps.
  • No programming or software coding from design to deployment, just drag and drop
  • Rapid to launch for organizations with constrained or limited IT resources
  • Customize your business apps with your logo and designs to personalize each app to your needs

Optimize Workflow Processes

  • Automate processes with advanced and yet easy to use workflow
  • Assign tasks and actions to individuals, groups or by roles
  • Automatically send reminders or notifications by email or text message
  • Real-time knowledge of where any task is at all times

 Integrated Business Apps 

  • Integration through business logic, web services, XML and simple LDAP/AD integration
  • Integrate other apps to access and unify data across your enterprise
  • Leverage legacy enterprise applications and extend all data available through mobile apps
  • Connect to complementary HR, ERP, CRM or other enterprise systems

 Enterprise Mobility

  • Go mobile in minutes by deploying web apps as mobile apps with only a few clicks
  • Native mobile apps on any iOS and Android device for an enhances user experience
  • Offline capabilities allow users to capture data and photos even when internet connectivity is lost, a significant advantage for mobile workers
  • Mobile sync allows all your data captured while offline to be automatically synced up when your connection is established

Increased Workflow Productivity 

  • Design custom, dynamic reports to gain real-time insights into your operations and make smarter, faster decisions
  • Discover process issues, bottlenecks and inefficiencies to improve performance and reduce costs
  • Instantaneously update data in the office or while on the go
  • Collaborate with employees, customers and partners, and know exactly who is doing what, when and where

True Flexibility

  • Modify apps quickly to meet changing needs, or deploy new apps rapidly, even if built for a short timeframe
  • Dynamic case management allows any user with permissions to re-assign task or workflows
  • Easily create or change forms to capture information and photos, anywhere or anytime 
  • Enterprise security on a granular level (field, table, template or app) based on a single user, usergroup or by role
  • Flexible deployment in the cloud, in a private-cloud or on premises

Highly Scalable


  • Robust and scalable platform built on Microsoft.NET
  • Instantly build a Microsoft SQL database in the back-end that can be easily re-purposed
  • High performance environment designed for enterprise use
  • Gain Compliance for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), FDA regulations, HIPAA and other regulatory and compliance needs


Intellect 8 Mobile Apps

In today’s constantly changing business environment, you need business apps that provide real-time insight into the processes and data that moves your company forward, and with the ability to make changes in short notice to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

You need the ability to create, launch, and manage an entire library of business apps, ranging from simple to highly complex, mission-critical apps, without the need for programming from design to launch.
At this same time, you need to enable modern workers to access or capture the information they need to get things done, to check on or assign tasks, collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners, and to make smarter and faster decisions.

All this needs to happen anytime, anywhere, including on mobile devices, with the ability to capture data in the field even when internet connectivity is lost.


Something for Everyone

Our platform not only provides greater control, it allows your employees to sync up and remain connected with your company processes.

With our system you can assign work, approve completed assignments and make sure your employees are following proper compliance protocol from one easy-to-use dashboard. While it may sound complex, it’s actually the opposite. No programming skills or specialized technical knowledge are required.

Intellect’s award-winning platform is designed to make your company’s operations run smoothly with maximum efficiency.

Skipped steps, lost documents and mistakes of miscommunication are virtually nonexistent when your human-centric processes are interconnected. Streamlining your business operations allows you to save time, cut costs and avoid compliance issues.


Give Intellect a try today and see what it can do for your business