Data Packages 2.0

Analyzer Data Packages 2.0 provides a quick and easy way to convert data from Excel files and inter-related relational database tables into multi-dimensional Analytics Cubes, all without using any complicated development tools or needing to know any special languages. Completed Analytics Cubes then become the source for multi-dimensional data analysis. Users can build reports using Analyzer’s easy-to-use report design front-end.


Once mastered, users can resolve any data analysis tasks at hand, dramatically increasing productivity and quality and can finally replace those Excel reports often created by tediously Copying and Pasting data from one period to the next.

Data Source Mash-Up
Data Packages 2.0 allows users to combine data sources into a single Data Package.

Date-Time Settings
Create fiscal periods quickly, based on calendar requirements, with Date-Time Settings

Data Consolidation
Data Consolidation helps users merge similar data and cleanse data when needed.

Financial Reporting
Users can aggregate different types of data to better configure financial reports.

Data Discretize
Turn various values into meaningful groups and create groups based on time differences.

To learn more about Analyzer’s Data Packages 2.0 functionality, please fill out the form below to request the Data Packages 2.0 Fact Sheet.