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The healthcare industry demands reliable and secure transmission of sensitive data. Your business requires real-time exchange of data and files in different formats with many departments and partners.  Complex processes need to be automated involving data access and transformation, and to eliminate man-made errors and delays in the operation.

Complicating matters is that IT environments in the healthcare industry are extremely diverse and complex. In hospital systems, for example, there are a multitude of applications, file formats, and systems. This makes automating processes such as compiling electronic medical records, integrating applications, transferring files, and report generation/distribution extremely difficult.

Below is a sample of what  System Micro’s Healthcare Automation can offer:

  • Acquire and transfer large amounts of secure and time-sensitive data on a daily basis.
  • Automate data transfer, acquiring real time information from the Web or any other application.
  • Automate manual, time consuming tasks like billing, form-filling, processing invoices, and posting payments.
  • Update license validity information from various sources.
  • Process laboratory results for analysis.
  • Automate report generation on legacy applications.
  • Import/export/update patient information in EMR systems.
  • Test and validate your proprietary software.