Travel & Expense Management

Travel & Expense Management Solution

Our Travel & Expense Management system not only simplifies the way that your employees submit their expenses, but also plays a big role in cutting your T&E costs as well as makes it easier for your employees to file their expense reports more accurately and timely.

This is by far the most flexible and configurable travel and entertainment expense management solution in the market… it is available in the cloud with mobile functionality out of the box allowing your employees to submit their expenses from their mobile device as well as approve/reject expense reports from a mobile device.

Our solution is built to mirror the way your employees work and will not require you to put your entire organization through training in order to learn how to submit an expense report.

The solution also comes with comprehensive dashboards and customizable reports that will help you manage your budget closely and will provide you with full visibility at any time.

Some of the key application features include: 

  • Expense reports
  • Travel plans
  • Payment requestscost
  • Timesheets
  • Mobile device support
  • Digital receipt management
  • T&E budget controls
  • Alert employees to violations of policy
  • Alert reviewers and approvers
  • Full data analysis
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting and dashboards