Document & Contract Management Solutions


With our comprehensive document management, not only are you able to manage your company’s documents, but you can also manage all of your contracts seamlessly as well.

Our solution will take all the work out of document management and you will be able to manage your documents from anywhere you have internet access.

Some of the key application features include:

  • New contract/document request
  • Capture data
  • Contracts authoring and creation
  • Collaboration and negotiation
  • Reviews and approvals
  • Workflow routing
  • Proactive email alerts, notifications, to do lists and action items
  • e-signature
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Renewals
  • Cloud based
  • Centralized repository of all contracts and documents
  • Management of other document types
  • Complete role-based security and access
  • Unlimited custom data fields
  • Full text search capabilities

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