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Retail Solutions


Worldwide the retail market is growing at a break-neck speed and organizations are focusing on multi-channel integration analytics, e-commerce and mobile applications to enhance operational efficiency. In this dynamic environment it is essential that the outsourcing partner focus on addressing key challenges faced by the customers.

With System Micro’s unique Build, business users can create and update business rules and automated process flows, without any coding. By putting process control in the hands of business users, System Micro supports agile order management systems that can be quickly adapted to changes in company goals, the competitive landscape, or the regulatory environment.

Our retail solutions and services include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Get instant visibility[nbsp_tc]to information on any product with records from across systems
  • Automated inventory management[nbsp_tc]with instant updates based on web, mobile, and in-store purchases
  • Increase employee productivity[nbsp_tc]with access to real-time product information
  • Embrace mobility[nbsp_tc]by giving store employees mobile access on any device
  • Eliminate manual stock checks[nbsp_tc]by automating processes and tasks


Store and Site Management

We orchestrates the entire ordering process from delivery of individualized offers based on real-time marketing analytics, to pricing and bid management, through to order capture and order fulfillment. Leveraging a market-leading platform, System Micro’s solution for order management provides:

  • Workflow automation within and across departments, including rules-based routing, prioritization, and escalation.
  • Case management that delivers a single, complete view of a customer as well as drill-down to see how sub-processes are impacting the status of an order.
  • Operational visibility across the entire order fulfillment system, as well as real-time reporting and notifications.


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